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Our Motorsport Heritage

How we started andwhere the Australian KCK Lubricants®  brand came from.

Our Family (the Gilmour family from Brisbane) after many years, decided to create our own oil products because we were dissatisfied with the motor oils and lubricants available to us. The service life of parts for our own race cars, and cars we maintained for other race teams was unacceptable, and the costs were non-viable. There had to be a solution and we had to find it.


Necessity is the mother of invention they say, and the universe works in strange ways sometimes. After many months and good fortune, our research enabled us to make the acquaintance of a specialised, Queensland based, performance automotive lubricants manufacturer. We forged a business relationship that gave us access to their chemists, laboratory, and testing equipment. Now we were able to develop performance lubricants that not only met our demanding requirements but gave us a performance advantage over our competitors. By achieving longer parts life, and longer service intervals, we reduced maintenance overheads and costs to our race team customers. We realised first hand, the cost savings and performance benefits that our KCK Lubricants have achieved when compared to “off the shelf” motor oils and lubricants.

Major automotive lubricant manufacturers are constrained by cost models, narrow inventory variations and specifications that meet broad consumer requirements. This is not the case for us. We manufacture uncompromising motor oils and automotive lubricants that utilise only the best base stocks and additives available. Our “hot blend” manufacturing process provides unmatched stability under extreme loads and temperatures.

Our race team has grown over many years just as the teams we maintain have grown. However, we have remained and will continue to remain:


  • 100% family owned.

  • 100% Australian owned and manufactured.

  • Constantly focussed to stay in line with the latest in automotive lubricant technologies.


KCK Lubricants are used globally in some of the toughest racing environments. We are NOT a bunch of suits driven by profits; we are a bunch of racers driven by a passion for quality, performance and cost benefits.

Matt and Donna Gilmour, KCK Lubricants Australia.

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