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EXTREME 0w40 Racing Engine Oil


NOT suitable for vehicles fitted with a DPF or Catalytic Converter!


Suitable for use ONLY in Ethanol, Methanol, Race Fuel, Petrol, LPG and Light load diesel engines.

NOT suitable for vehicles fitted with a DPF or Catalytic Converter.


Utilising the very latest in oil technology, KCK has delivered a full PAO synthetic 0w40 delivering an extremely shear, stable, and high molecular weight, petrol engine oil, developed for high performance race engines only.  Extreme 0w40 contains 2400 ppm ZDDP anti-wear offering EXTREME and unmatched wear protection.


This product is made using Group 4 Synthetic PAO (poly-alphs-olefins) also using Group 5 Esters to further enhance product specific performance. This is a very high performance extremely shear stable PAO full synthetic engine oil designed for use in competition engines and performance engines under extreme conditions.


Extreme 0w40 meets or exceeds;

SAE 0w40 race engine oil, API SN/CF, ACEA A3/B3-16, Porsche A40, MB 229.3/229.5, BMW Longlife 01 and diesel 04, VW 502.00 and 505.00, Ilsac GF-5, Ford WSS-M2C937-A


Proudly Australian made and owned.



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