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Diesel System Conditioner

Multi-function Diesel Fuel Treatment

*Specially formulated detergent with dispersant type additive
*Aids in dispersing water
*Cleans Injectors whilst providing improved thermal and storage stability.   
*Enhances the performance of Diesel fuels
*improved fuel economy
*Reduced exhaust emissions.
*Aids in cleaning exhaust deposits and EGR circuits

When used at the recommended treatment rate, KCK Diesel system conditioner helps diesel fuels meet the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM), Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA) and Truck Maintenance Council (TMC) requirements for ;

Cummins L10 Injector Depositing Test Clean up

Cummins L10 Steady State Clean up

Peugeot XUD9 Clean up

Injector cleanliness as measured by multiple Cummins L10 Injector Depositing Test (keep clean) Passes

Multiple Peugeot XUD9 Test (keep clean) Passes


Australian made and owned



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