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DOT 6 Motorsport Brake Fluid


KCK Motorsport Brake Fluid is a high boiling point low viscosity DOT 6 Brake fluid for use in all types of motor sport brake and clutch systems that are subject to higher operating temperatures

KCK Motorsport Brake Fluid is NON hygroscopic resulting is less moisture contamination and less corrosion to brake master cylinders, callipers and fittings. 

The hygroscopic nature of standard style brake fluid has always been the determining factor in its shelf life, service life and efficiency. The constant need to flush brake and clutch systems due to moisture contamination and the corrosive effects of the contaminated brake fluid can now be avoided. This same inherit issue of moisture contamination is the main cause for decrease boiling point and poor pedal feel.

Low viscosity responds quicker to driver input and allows for even pressure distribution resulting in better pedal feedback and feel.

Boiling point 320 deg C, compatible with DOT 3, 4, 5.1, suitable for use in ESC and ABS systems


Australian made and owned

1 Litre


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